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3D Human from Photo

Make a 3D model out of any image with full-body humanoid on it

Perfect for characters concepts

Quick 3D preview

Recognizes standard poses

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How to work with it

Connect image and launch

You can either upload your own images or use results of other nodes Simply press the launch to quickly get results

Preview results in color

Choose vertex-color option in the drop menu on the left




3D mesh

Main task

Create a 3D character

Neural network


Release date




Choice from 4 options It defines the overall quality of mesh We recommend to use x256 if you want to quickly generate the best possible 3D model

Pose method

Choice from pymaf and pare It makes a slight difference: pare works slightly better and gives a better mesh. However, pare doesn't work with resolution higher than x128 We recommend not to change unless you're an experienced user

Advanced parameters

Body iterations

Range: from 1 to 200 It defines overall quality of a model shape. The higher the number is, the more detailed edges there will be and more humanoid features the final 3D object will have. It will also fill space between joints, so we recommend to keep it at 100

Cloth iterations

Range: from 1 to 200 It defines the level of detailization of model's structure. If the number is low, the overall mesh will look more rounded and have less sharp details. However, more random bumps will be seen We recommend to keep it at 100-150