Our awesome features

Remove background

Transform background on your images

Transparent background in .png

Perfect for characters and creatures

Adjustable edge blur

Fill background with your own images

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How to work with it

Connect image and launch

You can either upload your own images or use results of other nodes Simply press the launch to quickly get results

Add background reference

Connect the image which you want to use as a reference to fill the background Note that the image and background references should be the same w:h ratio, otherwise the background image will be overstretched





Main task

Remove background, Change background

Neural network


Release date



Apache-2.0 license


Edges blur

Range: from 0 to 50 It defines how strong the neural network will work. The less number means the edges of the cropped image will be more sharp. The difference is not so noticeable. We recommend to use for photos: from 0 to 10 for art: from 20 to 40